The GMEA group is a multinational consortium  

Founded in 1991, GMEA group has steadily expanded over the years, building a reputation for excellence by adopting innovative technological approaches to solve difficult problems in challenging environments and partnering with global corporations and local companies.

Our operations span the globe, and include projects in the information technology and data management sectors, telecommunications and satellite television , security, surveillance and defence, finance platforms, and transport.  

More recently we have used our technical expertise and geographical position to explore projects in the fields of retail, renewable energy and high quality pharmaceuticals and medical products.

“Our core vision is to deliver world-class solutions and services tailored to fit the unique needs of our clients”


GMEA group concentrates on the following core areas, predominantly in Africa and the Middle East:

  • Security/Surveillance
  • IT Services and Solutions
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Transport and Transportation Management Solutions
  • Finance and Money
  • Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products


Whether your goal is threat analysis through the interception and decryption of communications, or monitoring and surveillance we are confident that we have the right solution for you. 

GMEA group can advise you on innovative and leading edge products that will assist you in finding solutions to the global challenges brought about by an increasingly demanding security landscape. 

Our customer database includes 33 governments in Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia.  We are currently working together with a wide range of departments covering Homeland Security, National Security, and State Security.  We are an independent provider of regulatory-compliant electronic surveillance solutions.

GMEA  also provide services to corporate clients in the areas of perimeter monitoring, mass media monitoring, surveillance, and industrial espionage.

IT services and solutions

GMEA’s IT solutions are provided across the group, dynamic and adaptable, offering both a broad range of services, and particular solutions to niche markets.  We combine the best of products and technologies, with local market industry knowledge and expertise.


Over 1 billion people living in Africa are unserved by the traditional grid supply. The energy landscape is changing, as consumers, independent power producers and other stakeholders elect to change the way in which energy is generated and distributed. Green innovations and disruptive technologies are making it possible to quickly roll out hybrid and micro-grid solutions.  Relying on our expert team of engineers, and local knowledge, we can partner with you to explore and develop projects that will contribute to the growth of clean energy solutions in the region.


Sub-Saharan Africa has been identified as a promising market for luxury goods, as urbanisation, economic development and increased affluence among the expanding middle class drive growth across the sector.  

In a bid to satisfy this need for quality goods we have concentrated on bringing a number of high end brands into Ghana and Lebanon.  iShop is Ghana’s first and only Apple authorised reseller and service provider.  

Our audio visual arm, Music Box Africa, has partnered with a number of high end music brands to supply and install their equipment satisfying both the requirements of clubs, bars and restaurants which open on a daily basis, and the West African love of loud, upbeat music.

Transport and transportation management solutions

GMEA provides comprehensive and specialised land and marine transportation solutions to both private and military customers. Experience has taught us that the biggest weakness in supplying specialised armoured vehicles lies in the supplier’s ability to properly maintain them.  For recurrent partnerships and continuing supply agreements, GMEA will always set up a local workshop equipped with the necessary tools, spare parts and trained technicians to provide round the clock maintenance and support services for the vehicles supplied by us.

Fleetforce is a result oriented service provider of a simple, yet efficient, fleet and resource management solution designed to track fuel usage and monitor fleet performance. 

Finance and money

Dealing with bureacracy and sitting in traffic is time consuming and expensive.  

Inter Pay is our online payment platform that solves a problem by providing a means of paying your bills online.  In a region well served with network connectivity and multiple mobile phone users, it would seem sensible to provide a simple, accessible means of paying bills, invoicing clients online.  Inter Pay is an easy to sign up for solution to your online banking requirements.

Micropay is our recently launched crowd funding platform that has been set up to support social initiatives through loans and donations.  Microfinance institutions select and manage individual projects and we assist with finding donors to provide loans or donations for these projects.  

Pharmaceutical and Medical Products

Delivering pharmaceuticals and medical products to governments, NGOs, and retail pharmacies in sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our core focus is the public sector in Africa. Working with government departments involved in pharmaceutical procurement and NGOs' to meet the specific needs of each particular country.  We offer a strong product line covering a range of therapeutic segments.

Medical Supplies

 We have partnered with leading medical supplies manufacturers to provide a product range that includes hospital furniture, hygiene and infection control kits. first aid and emergency supplies, beds, bedding and linens, medical instruments, hospital equipment and paramedic supplies.  We specialise in laboratory diagnostic equipment, point of care systems, and blood glucose meters.  Our aim is to provide an unrivalled service that you can rely on for all your pharmaceutical, hospital and emergency medical needs.

GMEA group operates predominantly in Africa and the Middle East.

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