Aeon Pharma
Aeon Pharma, GMEA's medical supply arm, is fast becoming the partner of choice for emerging pharmaceutical companies wishing to expand their footprint across the African continent. Operating out of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, Aeon Pharma provides cost-effective, quality pharmaceutical and medical products, from cardiovascular medication and oncological treatments, to HIV antivirals and antidepressants
Currently operating in Malawi Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and Uganda, Aeon Pharma's core focus in Africa is the public sector, where it works hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical procurement government agencies and relevant NGOs in order to meet each country's specific needs.
Medical Supplies
Aeon Pharma has developed solid partnerships with leading medical supplies manufacturers to provide a comprehensive product range that includes all hospital furniture and accessories, hygiene and infection control kits, first aid and emergency supplies, paramedic supplies, various medical instruments and equipment, alongside specialized laboratory diagnostic equipment, point of care systems, and blood glucose meters.
Local knowledge of import and export regulations is key to ensuring the timely delivery of products to the African market. Accordingly, Aeon Pharma supports its partners and suppliers with supplementary activities, such as storage, distributions, sales, marketing, order processing and administrative services, with plans to develop a local manufacturing and packaging base to serve the region.
Through a number of partnerships with leading security companies, GMEA provides a suite of integrated and customized solutions to various government security agencies, such as Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and National Intelligence.
With a client base that includes a host of governments in Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia, alongside multiple corporate clients, GMEA is able to confidently advise on innovative and leading edge products and solutions that tackle the challenges of an increasingly demanding security landscape. Below are some of the security projects delivered