Urbanization, economic development and increased affluence among an expanding middle class in Sub-Saharan Africa opened the region to becoming a promising market for luxury goods. In a bid to satisfy this desire for quality, GMEA group brought a number of high-end brands into the marketplace via the acquisition of official dealership agreements, ensuring unparalleled after-sales services and support, to the satisfaction of both consumer and partner brands.
As an early adopter of renewable energy technologies, GMEA has been actively involved in alternative energy generation and distribution since 2008. As green innovations and disruptive technologies make it possible to quickly roll out hybrid and micro-grid solutions, GMEA supplies efficient and high quality on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solutions to residential, commercial, agricultural and government clients.
Our scope in this sector has varied from simple solutions, such as solar street lights and community lighting, to sophisticated high-output systems, such as those required by the telecom industry, to robust containerized systems for remote off-grid locations where deployable power, emergency power or backup power is particularly required.
With a strong belief in and commitment to the future of renewable energy, GMEA continues to expand in the sector.
GMEA Green